In Ohio, over 2,300 children ages 0-14 were killed during the past ten years by unintentional injuries. Although these statistics are grim, most injuries are predictable and preventable. 

In fact, it is estimated that 9 out of 10 injuries can be prevented. The mission of the Ohio SAFE KIDS Coalition is to protect Ohio's children (birth to age 14) from unintentional injuries by offering public information and education programs to parents and caregivers across the state of Ohio.

Traffic injuries (including children as pedestrians, bicyclists and passengers), burns, drownings, falls, chokings, unintentional shootings and poisonings are the primary ways in which our children are being injured and killed.

Injuries cause more children's deaths each year than diseases, kidnapping, and drugs combined. Each year, more than 6,600 children die and nearly 120,000 are permanently disabled from unintentional injuries.

Local SAFE KIDS Coalitions host child safety awareness campaign and activities throughout Ohio year around that  provide parents, caregivers and children the opportunity to learn about child safety issues.

It is also an opportunity to raise awareness of the prevention of unintentional childhood injuries--the number one killer of children ages 14 and under.

The Ohio SAFE KIDS Coalition is part of the National SAFE KIDS Campaign, the first and only national organization dedicated solely to the prevention of unintentional childhood injury  

More than 300 state and local SAFE KIDS coalitions in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico comprise the Campaign .