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Fire Charter Program Administration

Fire Charter Program Director Guidebook EMS 0028 PDF
Fire Charter Application EMS 0029 PDF Word
Change of Fire Program Notification EMS 0083 PDF Word
Request for Fire Training Offsite Location EMS 1270 PDF Word
Written Testing Agreement Chartered Fire Training Programs EMS 1105 PDF Word
Request for Change to Practical Skill Sheet EMS 1264 PDF Word
ADA Policy   PDF


The following course materials, guides, requirements, objectives and skill sheets will be effective January 1, 2018*


Recommended Instructional Hour Guide For Fire Training Courses EMS 0118 PDF
Firefighter I & II Certification Requirements EMS 0203 PDF
Firefighter I Certification Requirements EMS 0204 PDF
Hazardous Materials Awareness And Operations Course Objectives EMS 0205 PDF
Volunteer Firefighter Practical Skills Sheets EMS 0206 Word
Firefighter I Transition Certification Requirements EMS 0207 PDF
Firefighter II Transition Certification Requirements EMS 0208 PDF
Volunteer Firefighter Certification Requirements EMS 0209 PDF
Emergency Vehicle Operations Course Objectives EMS 0210 PDF

*Effective January 1, 2018; documents above provided to permit time for implementation by Ohio chartered fire training programs.

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