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ODPS Emergency Medical Services Certification

ODPS | Emergency Medical Services

Certificate to Practice

ORC 4765.28: A person seeking a certificate to practice as a first responder, emergency medical technician-basic, emergency medical technician-intermediate, or emergency medical technician-paramedic shall submit a completed application for certification to the state board of emergency medical services on a form the board shall prescribe and furnish. Except as provided in division (B) of section ORC 4765.29 of the Revised Code, the application shall include evidence that the applicant received the appropriate certificate of completion pursuant to section 4765.24 of the Revised Code. The application shall be accompanied by the appropriate application fee established in rules adopted under section 4765.11 of the Revised Code, unless the board waives the fee on determining pursuant to those rules that the applicant cannot afford to pay the fee.

ORC 4765.55: The Executive Director shall issue or renew a fire training certificate for a firefighter, a fire safety inspector, instructor, or another position of any fire training certification level, to any applicant that meets the qualifications established in rules adopted in accordance with this section. Additionally, the Executive Director may issue disciplinary actions against a certificate holder or applicant in accordance with the rules adopted in accordance with the ORC. Certificates issued under this section shall be on a form prescribed by the Executive Director.