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ODPS Emergency Medical Services Committees

  Board & Committee Meeting Schedule  


Critical Care Subcommittee

The purpose of the Critical Care Subcommittee is to identify and address issues pertinent to transporting the critically ill and injured patients in the state of Ohio by all modes of medical transportation. The Subcommittee is an advisory capacity of the Medical Transportation Committee.

Subcommittee Members: Brian Byrd, Daniel Ellenberger, Amy Haughn, Linda Hines, Adam Howard, Michael Jackson, William Longworth, Marisa Maxey, Lori Mizla, *Julie Rose (Chair), Scott Swickard, Natasha Meinart, and Keith Wohlever

* EMFTS Board Member

EMS Staff Liaison: David Fiffick — (614) 644-6387

Minutes (Please Note: The Critical Care Sub-Committee that met on February 17, 2015, did not approve the minutes from August 19 , 2014, due to the lack of a quorum.)


Education Committee

The Education Committee consists of EMS Educators from all levels of education, i.e. college, vocational, private, and fire-based. The committee reviews all rules and curriculum related to the education of pre-hospital providers in the State of Ohio.

Committee Members: : Mary Ahlers, Kristopher Alexander, Brian Anderson, *Karen Beavers, *Pamela Bradshaw (Chair), Amy Bernato, Triston Coomer, Joel Decker, Matthew Dick, Tom Duffee, Mark Mankins, Lisa Nickles, George Snyder, Charles Sowerbrower, and Joshua Tilton.

EMS Staff Liaison: Linda Mirarchi — (614) 387-0648



EMS - Children

EMS for Children is a national program designed to reduce child and youth disability and death due to severe illness and injury. Ohio EMS for Children, within the Division of EMS was created to incorporate pediatric issues into all aspects of Ohio’s EMS system. Ohio EMS for Children is currently working to improve pediatric pre-hospital medical direction, pediatric pre-hospital equipment, and pediatric care in the emergency department.

Committee Members: *Rebecca Baute, *Karen Beavers, Tracy Beavers, Kenneth Crank, Deanna Dahl-Grove, MD, Kenneth Hoffman, Carol Jacobson, Terry Kirkham, Heather Koss, *Hamilton Schwartz, MD, and Tami Wires

*EMFTS Board Member

EMS Staff Liaison: Joe Stack — (614) 387-1949



EMS System Development Committee

The EMS System Development Committee is charged with improving the Emergency Medical System in Ohio. Current initiatives include emergency medical dispatch, EMS and trauma data analysis, and provider health and safety.

Committee Members: *Karen Beavers, *James Davis (Chair), Herb de la Porte, Joel Decker, *Geoffrey Dutton, *Deanna Harris, *Mark Resanovich, and Bernard Schweter

EMS Staff Liaison: Ellen Owens — (614) 644-5708



Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the Committee Chairperson from each committee and subcommittee established by the EMFTS Board. The committee works to develop a cohesive EMS system, through coordination of legislative and rule-making initiatives, EMS Strategic Plan implementation and committee activities.

Committee Members: *Thomas Allentstein, *Rebecca Baute, *Pamela Bradshaw, *James Davis, *Geoffrey Dutton, *Deanna Harris, *Daryl McNutt (Chair), *Mark Resanovich, *Julie Rose, *Jonathan Saxe, MD, *Hamilton Schwartz, MD, and *Steve Steinberg, MD

EMS Staff Liaison: Mel House — (614) 995-4752



Firefighter & Fire Safety Inspector Training Committee

The Firefighter and Fire Safety Inspector Training Committee is charged by the board chair with establishing goals that promote safety to the public through prevention and education of life safety to firefighters while conducting life safety inspections in public occupancies. As the committee works with other partners such as the Fire Marshal's Office and other teaching institutions to promote the health and safety of Ohio's firefighters through the establishment of safe, meaningful and current education programs that provide the firefighter the best chance for success. In addition the committee is responsible for advising the EMS Executive Director on provider military and medical exemptions and disciplinary matters.

Committee Members: *James Davis, *Deanna Harris, *Daryl McNutt, *Mark Resanovich, and *Dudley Wright II

EMS Staff Liaison: Mel House — (614) 995-4752



Firefighter & Fire Safety Inspector Training Subcommittee

The Firefighter and Fire Safety Inspector Training Subcommittee under the auspices of the EMFTS Board advises the EMS Executive Director on issues including, but not be limited to, training curriculum, certification examinations, training schedules, minimum hours of instruction, attendance requirements, required equipment and facilities, basic physical requirements, and methods of training for all persons in positions of any fire training certification level approved by the EMS Executive Director.

Subcommittee Members: Jim Steele (Chair), Phil McLean, Rick Sacco, Steve Robertson, Eric Waltemire, and *Dudley Wright II

EMS Staff Liaison: Doug Orahood — (614) 752-3960



Homeland Security Subcommittee

The Homeland Security Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the EMS System Development Committee. The subcommittee deals with issues which affect the fire and emergency medical services. The subcommittee has been instrumental in revising and teaching CHEMPACK deployment and use in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) and has helped support ODH in the continued development of hospital preparedness planning. The subcommittee developed guidance for Crisis Standards of Care and identified strategies and programs to protect the EMS workforce and their families during a disaster.

Subcommittee Members: *Karen Beavers, Brian Byrd, *Geoffrey Dutton, David Gerstner, *Ernest Hatmaker, *Mark Resanovich (Chair), *Thomas Tallman, DO, Eric Wiedlebacher, and Michael Zorko

EMS Staff Liaison: Joe Stack — (614) 387-1949



Medical Oversight Committee

The Medical Oversight Committee addresses issues pertaining to quality assurance, medical control, scope of practice, medical standards of curricula or other related issues assigned by the EMFTS Board.

Subcommittee Members: *Geoffrey Dutton (Interim Chair), Allen Young, (Vice Chair), Eric Cortez, MD, Deanna Dahl-Grove, MD, Martin Fuller, William Longworth, Mark Marchetta, Brent Paraquette, Daniel Schewerin, MD, *Thomas Tallman, DO, Eric Wiedlebacher, and Tami Wires

EMS Staff Liaison: Sue Morris — (614) 466-8015
EMS Staff Support: Susan Edwards — (614) 728-1525



Medical Transportation Committee

The purpose of the Medical Transportation Committee is to identify and address issues pertinent to all medical transportation throughout the state of Ohio.

Subcommittee Members: *Thomas Allenstein (Chair), *Kent Appelhans, *Karen Beavers, Brian Byrd, David DeVore, Vincent Harris, *Ernest Hatmaker, Linda Hines, Philip Koster, William Longworth, Lori Mizla, *Mark Resanovich, *Thomas Wappner, Paul Westlake, Douglas Wolters, *Dudley Wright II, and Paul Wright

EMS Staff Liaison: David Fiffick — (614) 644-6387



Mobile Integrated Healthcare Ad Hoc Committee (Community Paramedicine)

The Mobile Integrated Healthcare Ad Hoc Committee was established to "create a viable avenue for mobile integrated healthcare (community paramedicine) programs to be developed in such a manner that it can be designed to fit local needs and fill gaps in health care access and delivery." Currently this concept is being explored by this committee. Community paramedicine is not currently a recognized specialty by the EMFTS Board.

Subcommittee Members: Mary Ahlers, *Karen Beavers, *Pamela Bradshaw, Jeffrey Bruggman, Tristan Coomer, *Geoffrey Dutton, *Deanna Harris (Chair), *Ernest Hatmaker, Holly Herron, Adam Howard, Natasha Meinart, Joseph (JD) Postage, Janel Scarbrough, Joshua Tilton, Joseph Toth, and Paul Zeeb, MD

EMS Staff Liaison: John Sands — (614) 387-0649



Resource Management Committee

The Resource Management Committee is responsible for developing a method to identify, categorize, and coordinate resources necessary for establishment and operation of regionalized, accountable EMS and trauma systems. In addition the committee is charged with developing a public awareness and education program about the EMS system, including the public’s role, public’s system access, what to do during an emergency, and prevention strategies.

Subcommittee Members: *Geoffery Dutton, Dennis Hartman, *Daryl McNutt, *Mark Resanovich (Chair), *Diane Simon, and *Dudley Wright II

EMS Staff Liaison: Diane Walton — (614) 466-3655



Specialty Care Subcommittee

The Specialty Care Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the Education Committee. The subcommittee addresses issues pertaining to education and training outside the established EMS curriculum. Areas of importance include, but are not limited to, aeromedical, critical care transport, HAZMAT, and tactical EMS.

Subcommittee Members:

EMS Staff Liaisons: Linda Mirarchi — (614) 387-0648
                                   John Sands — (614) 387-0649



Time Critical Diagnosis Ad Hoc Committee

The Time Critical Diagnosis Ad Hoc Committee advises the EMFTS Board on initiatives to ensure patients with time-critical illnesses or injuries are diagnosed, treated and transported to the most appropriate hospital as quickly as possible. The committee, while focused on EMS, seeks broad input from stakeholders across the continuum of care.

Subcommittee Members: : Sara Anderson, *Geoffrey Dutton (Chair), Noah Grose, Carol Jacobson, *Mark Resanovich, *Steve Steinberg, MD, and *Thomas Tallman, DO

EMS Staff Liaison: Tim Erskine — (614) 387-1951



Trauma Committee

The Trauma Committee was created as part of the Ohio Trauma System to advise and assist the EMFTS Board in matters related to the care of severely injured persons, provide oversight of the Ohio Trauma System and operations of the Ohio Trauma Registry. The Trauma Committee is composed of 24 members appointed by the Director of Public Safety from a wide array of professions. The Committee is charged with reviewing trauma triage rules and setting priorities for trauma research grants.

Subcommittee Members: K. Joseph Brown, John Crow, MD, Herbert de la Porte, Jan Gorniak, DO, Vickie Graymire, Kathy Haley, Kitty Hevener, Laurie Johnson, MD, Edward Michelson, MD, Sidney Miller, MD, Debra Myers, Greg Nemunaitis, MD, Kevin Pugh, MD, John Ross, Jonathan Saxe, MD (Chair), Michael Shannon, MD, *Diane Simon, Howard Werman, MD, Michael Winthrop, and Richard Ziegler, DDS

Liaisons: Jolene DeFiore-Hyrmer (ODH), Kitty Hevener (GCPD), Carol Jacobson (OHA), Steven Steinberg MD (EMFTS Board)

EMS Staff Liaison: Tim Erskine — (614) 387-1951