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ODPS Emergency Medical Services Grants Resource Guide

ODPS | Emergency Medical Services

Ohio Fire and EMS Grant Resources

There are numerous ways to obtain funding or grants for your EMS department. The possible resources listed below are constantly changing. Grants offered from a funding source are usually for a specific project the granting agency believes is important. These important priorities will change over time, making most funding sources only temporary. Grants should always be viewed as an extra or a gift, and never be used as a primary funding source. Searching for external funding sources can be a time consuming and frustrating activity. No one ever gets everything for which they apply. Do not get discouraged by rejection. Each rejection is an opportunity to learn why your application was rejected and help you learn how to write a better grant proposal.

The Ohio Division of Emergency Medical Services is one of the few states that offer funding on an annual basis specifically for EMS agencies. The additional resources listed below serve as a road map to help give you ideas on where to look for funding as well as some resources that will help with the grant writing process. Since priorities for funding are constantly changing it is advised that you visit the funding agencies website for the most recent grant information.


Ohio Division of Emergency Medical Services Training and Equipment Grant
The Ohio Division of EMS offers funding on an annual basis to improve pre-hospital care in the state of Ohio. Applications are due April 1st annual. Information and a list of approved equipment and training is available at:


Ohio Emergency Management Agency
This website offers homeland security funding and preparedness grants:


Ohio Development Services Agency
This website provides information about the Local Government Safety Capital Grant Program:


Grants.gov is the federal government’s main source for all federal funding information and applying for all federal grants


Ohio Fire Marshal’s Office
The Ohio Fire Marshal’s office offers grant funding to Ohio fire services for firefighter training, equipment, and data reporting as well as offering a loan program to small governments. The training offered though the Ohio Fire Marshal’s Office is for fire operations only and does not include EMS.


Ohio Division of Forestry’s Rural Community Fire Protection Grant
This grant is for communities with a population under 10,000, and may be used for the formation of new fire departments, Marcs radios, federal surplus firefighting apparatus and personal protective gear.


U.S. Fire Administration/FEMA
This site contains information on financial assistance available from the U.S. Fire Administration/FEMA for fire departments and other first responders, including the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program and the State Fire Training Systems Grant.


U.S. Rural Development Program
Provides grants and low interest loans for fire, rescue and police operations to communties with a population of less than 20,000.


This website is sponsored by a corporation and is affiliated with the Journal of Emergency Medical Services. This site claims to be the ultimate grant resource guide. Here you can find national information, as well as a state by state breakdown on funding programs available to fire services. Ongoing articles and assistance with grant writing and resources for preparing the Assistance to Firefighters application. A list of corporate grants available state by state is also included.


This website is the same as above, but is specifically for EMS funding. Also includes state by state funding links, corporate funds available and helpful hints for Assistance to Firefighter Grants


The Ohio Attorney Generals office is currently not publishing the Charitable Foundation Directory of Ohio which listed over 2,000 Ohio charitable foundations. Local libraries may have a list of local charitable organizations. Guidestar is a non-profit organization that acts as a clearinghouse for charitable organizations. Their Grant Explorer feature requires a paid subscription and allows the user to research the grant activity of both grant makers and grantees.


U.S. Census Fact Finder
Many grant applications require that you supply demographic information. This site will help.