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EMSC Mission

EMSC is a national program to reduce child and youth disability and death due to severe illness and injury.

Ohio EMSC, housed within the Division of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) at the Ohio Department of Public Safety, incorporates pediatric issues into all aspects of the EMS system.


Joe Stack, EMSC Coordinator

Mail: Ohio Department of Public Safety
Division of EMS - EMSC Program
1970 West Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43223

Phone 800-233-0785
Fax 614-995-7012

National Resources


Interfacility Transfer Toolkit for Pediatric Patients
The EMS for Children National Resource Center has released materials designed to help hospitals make critical decisions about transferring pediatric patients to their appropriate destination. Below are two resources: (1) the interactive Tool Kit for hospitals, including sample transfer guidelines and written transfer agreements with tertiary centers, and (2) a September 2013 presentation on pediatric transfers by the EMS for Children National Resource Center. Both items can help hospitals plan and prepare for pediatric patient transfers.


The UH Geauga Medical Center was the first hospital in Ohio to have its emergency department designated as “pediatric prepared.” Watch the video to learn more.


A number of guidelines related to pediatric emergency care have been developed by Ohio EMSC and other states. We have selected several resources that address current Ohio EMSC objectives. The following documents and other resources are available through the EMSC National Resource Center.

Performance Measures

The purpose of the EMSC program performance measures is to document activities and accomplishments of the program in improving the delivery of emergency services to children. Additionally,the measures will provide guidance for improvement.

Specifically, the set of measures will:

                • Provide an ongoing, systematic process for tracking progress toward meeting the goals of the EMSC program;
                • Allow for continuous monitoring of the effectiveness of key EMSC program activities;
                • Identify potential areas of performance improvement among the EMSC State Partnership grantees;
                • Determine the extent to which the grantees are meeting established targets and standards; and
                • Allow the EMSC program to demonstrate its effectiveness and "tell its story" to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Congress, and other stakeholders.

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