EMS Grant Program

Research Grant Reports

Priority 2 – Research, Test and Evaluate Medical Procedures and Systems Related to Adult and Pediatric Trauma Care

2015-2016 Grant Year

Early Activity Levels and Family Function in mTBI Recovery

Understanding State-Wide Trauma Under Triage

2014-2015 Grant Year

Advancing the Emergency Department Care of Very Young Children with Traumatic Brain Injury

Spectrum of Trauma Care in the State of Ohio: Assessment and Improvement of Quality of Care

Assessment of Access to Trauma Center Care in Ohio

2012-2013 Grant Year

Ohio Trauma System Review

2011-2012 Grant Year

Promotion of Injury Prevention Through the Use of Social Media

2010-2011 Grant Year

Evaluation of Pediatric Trauma Triage Criteria for Highest Activation

Factors Affecting Motor Vehicle Crashes in Ohio

2009-2010 Grant Year

Injury Among Older Adults in Ohio

Teen Drivers Distracted by Handheld Digital Devices

Effect of Driving Simulator on Motor Vehicle Safety in Adolescents

2008-2009 Grant Year

The Medical and Economic Impact of Injuries in Ohio

Functional Outcomes after Geriatric Spinal Column Injuries

Effect of Prehospital Therapeutic Hypothermia on Neurologic Outcome Following Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Increasing Motor Vehicle Restraint in the Hispanic Community

The Effect of Delay in Transfer to Advanced Trauma Center Care on Trauma Patient Outcome in Ohio

MRSA Colonization in EMS Personnel and Equipment as a Risk Factor for Secondary Injury in Ohio Trauma Patients

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