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How do I get licensed as a non-emergency medical transportation (ambulette) company?

First, review Chapter 4766 of the Ohio Revised Code and section 4766-3 of the Ohio Administrative Code. Next, scroll down to “Ambulette” on our Checklists & Forms page. The “Application for Ambulette License” is available in PDF or Word and may be printed and completed or downloaded and completed on the computer. Please use the “License Application Checklist” directly above the application to help ensure your application is complete and all documents and fees are included, thereby eliminating any unnecessary delays in processing.

Mail the application, all documents and fees to the Division of EMS. Once you have prepared and mailed the application and all required documents and fees, please review the “Headquarters Facility Inspection Non-Emergency Medical Service” and the ”Ambulette Inspection” forms, located below the “Application for Ambulette License”. These forms will assist you with the requirements for the headquarters and vehicle inspections.

How do I change my headquarters address?

Medical transportation services are required to notify the State Board of Emergency Medical, Fire, and Transportation Services of address changes, in writing, on the Headquarters Change of Address form ( EMS 4004) prior to moving. The form is located on our Checklists & Forms page. The form can be printed and completed or downloaded and completed on the computer. Pursuant to 4766 of the Ohio Administrative Code, medical transportation services shall not commence operations from its headquarters or satellite(s) until inspected and licensed.

How do I get license plates for my vehicle?

  • Existing Licensed Medical Transportation Service: After successfully completing a vehicle inspection, the inspector will provide you with a card that contains your new vehicle permit and information to obtain new license plates or to renew existing license plates. Remove the decal from the card and place the decal on the right rear window. See back of card for instructions.
  • New Medical Transportation Service: New services will not receive cards or vehicle permits from the inspector. The card with decal will be mailed.

To obtaining license plates, present the card to the local BMV office or follow BMV mailing instructions. Include the card for each vehicle in order to obtain license plates. The BMV office will retain the card for their records. NOTE: Retain the card for each vehicle until needed to obtain license plates. Services may be charged a fee to replace lost cards and decals.

What insurance do I need to have?

Insurance requirements for all licensed medical transportation services are set forth in Ohio Revised Code, Section 4766.06. All services shall maintain the minimum required amounts of insurance, both general liability and vehicle liability, at all times while licensed. Services are required to keep a current Certificate of Insurance on file with the Division of EMS.

What do I need to send in with my application?

In order for the Division of EMS to process an application, it must be complete. For your convenience a checklist has been developed for services to use to verify that all documents and fees required for a complete application are included. The checklist can be found on our Checklists & Forms page. Scroll to the appropriate type of service. The “License Application Checklist” is the first document under each type of service.

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