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EMS Star of Life Awards

The EMS Star of Life Awards are presented by the Ohio Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians, the State Board of Emergency Medical, Fire, and Transportation Services, and the Ohio Department of Public Safety, Division of Emergency Medical Services.

The EMS Star of Life Awards recognize outstanding achievements and honor those in Ohio’s EMS system whose accomplishments rise above the day-to-day excellence of the system. Each day in Ohio, EMS providers save lives and perform countless noteworthy acts of caring, kindness, and service to their community.

These awards are a tribute to those individuals and organizations whose overall contributions go beyond their basic duties and responsibilities and who represent the finest traditions of our profession.

The Awards Selection Panel evaluates nominations based upon achievement of excellence in areas of patient care, public access, public education and training, disaster preparedness, and outstanding service to their communities.

EMS Star Awards

This award recognizes an individual/agency for remarkable life-saving efforts and exceptional patient care performed during a call. Recipients will be selected from throughout Ohio. This awards program reunites patients with their EMS providers at the ceremony. Please discuss this with the patients and encourage them to attend.

Please note: It is important to have the patient sign the release form before you submit this information in order to release you, the Ohio Chapter ACEP, the EMFTS Board, and the Division of EMS from any liability for reviewing these records.  

Eligibility & Requirements 

  • Any Ohio-based, Emergency Medical Service organization and/or individual(s) in good standing with their respective agency and the State of Ohio;
  • Organization/Individual is dedicated to serving their community and committed to saving the lives of their patient;
  • Incident took place in Ohio during the previous calendar year;
  • Organization/Individual demonstrates the highest quality level of care and professionalism.

Frank Giampetro Distinguished EMS Educator Award

Each year, the Ohio Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians awards the Frank Giampetro Distinguished EMS Educator Award at the Annual EMS Star of Life Award Ceremony. This award was established to recognize a dynamic educator who has made notable contributions to the Emergency Medical Services system thus improving the quality of care delivered to the citizens of Ohio. 


Eligible candidates will be actively involved with the EMS care delivery system and have made an outstanding contribution to the profession in one or more of the following areas: service to community/EMS organization through education and training, contribution to the body of knowledge in prehospital care, prehospital research/publication activities, and/or education leadership. There is no time limit for when these requirements may have been accomplished.  


Contribution to Excellence in EMS Education in at least one of the following:

Service to community/EMS Organization:

  • Active local, state or national participation in the education and training of EMS providers.

Contribution to the body of knowledge:

  • Dissemination of knowledge of practice through education endeavors to others in the field.
  • Recognized resource person in area of EMS.

Publication activities:

  • Significant publications of EMS education articles in professional journals.
  • Author or co-author of material in instructional guides, position papers, or books.

Education leadership:

  • Presenter/Instructor at local, state, regional, or national workshops, seminars, or conferences.

Jack B. Liberator Lifetime Achievement Award

The Jack B. Liberator Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an individual whose contributions to prehospital emergency medical care have been consistent and long-lasting, representing in effect, a lifetime of outstanding service to the profession and the public. The award, the most prestigious recognition of an individual’s contribution to emergency medical care and the EMS profession, honors the lifetime contribution to EMS by Jack B. Liberator, the “Father of Emergency Medical Technician Training” in Ohio and nationally, who worked diligently to improve EMS in Ohio and the nation.


The recipient shall have made a significant, positive impact on EMS in Ohio, nationally and/or internationally through his/her leadership and actions in:

  • Pre-hospital emergency medical services
  • The science of pre-hospital emergency medicine, and/or
  • Advancing the EMS profession

The recommendation should include specific and documented information on how the individual meets the award criteria.

EMS Provider, Agency, & Medical Director Awards

The primary reasons for which a person or agency is being nominated must have occurred in Ohio and be based on an individual’s or service’s overall contributions, body of work, or sustained performance, not on single acts of heroism. The individual or agency must be in good standing with their affiliated agency, the State of Ohio and/or the State Medical Board. Awards will be provided for the following:

EMS Provider of the Year

Eligibility & Requirements

  • An Emergency Medical Service provider, certified by the State of Ohio as an EMR, EMT, AEMT or Paramedic;
  • EMS provider is directly responsible for responding to emergencies or disasters and providing the direct delivery of care with at least one recognized Ohio EMS Agency;
  • Has personally or organizationally improved the quality of patient care provided; and
  • Exemplifies outstanding leadership, professionalism, dedication, and service to the community through involvement with EMS.

EMS Agency of the Year

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Any Ohio-based, emergency medical service organization that is recognized by the State Board Emergency Medical, Fire, and Transportation Services, and the Ohio Department of Public Safety, Division of EMS;
  • Is directly responsible for responding to emergencies or disasters and providing the direct delivery of care;
  • Is active in local public education and/or injury prevention efforts and demonstrates positive relationships with the community served and with receiving hospitals; and
  • Takes meaningful and visible steps to assure the quality and professionalism of its personnel and patient care provided.

EMS Medical Director of the Year

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Ohio physician who serves or has served meritoriously as a medical director for an Ohio based emergency medical service;
  • Meets the minimum requirements for the medical director of an EMS organization as outlined in Ohio Administrative Code 4765-3-05;
  • Significant active participation in education and training of prehospital emergency medical care providers; and
  • Has made significant contributions to the development and advancement of EMS at the local, regional, state, or national level through prehospital studies, EMS research and pilot programs;
  • Has demonstrated commitment to the principles of quality improvement, customer service, and excellence in EMS.