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EMS Training Program Curriculum & Education Standards

Ohio Approved EMS Curriculum Standards – EMS Instructor Guidance (February, 2012)   PDF
National EMS Education Standards   PDF
Rescue Task Force Awareness Training Module   PowerPoint


Archived EMS Curricula

The following archived curricula were used for classes that began prior to September 1, 2012. To request a copy of an archived curriculum, email EMS Education or call the Education & Testing section at (800) 233-0785 or (614) 466-9447.

  • 1994 Emergency Medical Technician-Basic: National Standard Curriculum
  • 1998 Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic: National Standard Curriculum
  • Emergency Medical Technician: Basic Refresher Curriculum (October, 2003)
  • First Responder Training Program Ohio Approved Curriculum (February, 2009)
  • Ohio EMT - Intermediate Curriculum and Transitional Course (March, 2002)
  • Ohio EMT - Intermediate Refresher Curriculum (March, 2004)
  • Ohio EMT - Paramedic Refresher Curriculum (January, 2004)
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