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Assistant Fire Instructor Certification

“Assistant fire instructor” means an individual who holds a certificate to assist in the instruction of firefighter training courses (Volunteer Firefighter, Firefighter I, and/or Firefighter II) under the auspices of a fire instructor and through a chartered fire training program, issued by the chief executive officer of the State Board of Emergency Medical, Fire, and Transportation Services pursuant to section 4765.55 of the Ohio Revised Code and rule 4765-21-03 of the Ohio Administrative Code. Assistant fire instructors may only teach courses at or below the level of their fire training certificate.

Course Entrance Requirements

The Assistant Fire Instructor certification does not require completion of an instructor course. Qualifications for certification as an Assistant Fire Instructor are listed below.  


An applicant for an assistant fire instructor certificate shall meet all of the following requirements:

  • In the preceding seven years, have been certified for at least five years as a firefighter;
  • Possess a current and valid firefighter certificate that is in good standing;
  • Successfully pass the instructor knowledge examination as set forth in rule 4765-21-05 of the Administrative Code at the Firefighter I or Firefighter II level, depending on level of firefighter certification, within one year prior to completing all training and teaching requirements set forth in paragraphs (B)(5) to (B)(7) of rule 4765-21-03 of the Ohio Administrative Code;
  • Comply with the requirements for a firefighter certificate as set forth in paragraph (F) of rule 4765-20-02 of the Ohio Administrative Code;
  • Successfully complete the four hour “Fire Service Training Module;”
  • Successfully complete the four hour “Live Fire Training Awareness Course;”
  • Submit a completed “Fire Instructor, Assistant Fire Instructor and/or Fire Safety Inspector Instructor Initial Application.”

NOTE: An applicant for an assistant fire instructor certificate who wishes to provide instruction in any live fire training courses, shall successfully complete the “Live Fire Training Operations Course” through an Ohio chartered fire training program.

Ohio Administrative Code: 4765-21-03

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