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EMS Instructor Reinstatement

Reinstatement requirements are determined by time elapsed since expiration. A $75.00 application fee (check/money order to “Ohio Treasurer of State”) is required with the reinstatement application.

NOTE: In addition to reinstatement requirements below, you must possess an active EMS certificate to practice OR hold a current Ohio license to practice as a registered nurse or physician assistant, which has been current in 5 of the last 7 years.

0-6 Months Since Expiration

  • Option 1
    Provide proof of successful completion of renewal requirements if completed during certification cycle
  • Option 2
    Pass the instructional methods (techniques) examination at an EMS-accredited facility within three attempts (RN/PA test at medic level)

6 Months to 1 Year Since Expiration

  • Meet one of the two options listed above and complete 10 hours of supervised teaching under the direct supervision of an EMS Instructor at an EMS-accredited institution

1 Year to 2 Years Since Expiration

  • Meet the requirements of “6 Months to 1 Year Since Expiration” and successfully complete a new 8-hour module in EMS instruction at an EMS-approved facility

2 Years or More Since Expiration

  • Not eligible for reinstatement; if you are certified in another state, you may qualify for reciprocity

The information above is intended to help answer questions about meeting reinstatement for EMS Instructor certification in Ohio. In the event of a discrepancy, the language in the Ohio Administrative Code shall apply.

Ohio Administrative Code: 4765-18-08


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