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Renewal Requirements

  • Submit a completed renewal application prior to the expiration date of the current certificate; AND
  • Continue to meet all standards for certification to practice set forth in section 4765.30 of the Revised Code and paragraphs (A)(6) to (A)(12) of rule 4765-8-01 of the Ohio Administrative Code at the level for which renewal is sought; AND
  • Satisfy one of the following four options:
    1. Complete continuing education requirements based on the length of certification cycle; OR
    2. Complete an Ohio Paramedic refresher course which will satisfy 48 of the required 86 hours plus 38 hours of additional continuing education; OR
    3. Possess a current and valid registration with the NREMT at the Paramedic level, and complete the Ohio Trauma Triage course approved by the EMFTS Board; OR
    4. Passing score within three attempts on an exam approved by the EMFTS Board. This exam may only be taken during the last six months of the current certification period.

Ohio Administrative Code: 4765-8-04



Renew an EMS or Fire Certificate
User Guide: Renewing a Certificate

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