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Frequently Asked Questions – Certification Audits

I am filing for renewal of my certification(s). Do I need to submit documentation of the continuing education I completed?

When you complete your renewal application, you will be asked to attest to completion of the continuing education required for renewal. (An application is a legal document and falsification of information on the application may be grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including revocation.) You do not have to submit proof of your continuing education unless you receive a request from the Division of EMS. If you are selected for an audit of a renewed certificate, you must complete the audit form and submit documentation of your continuing education by the deadline listed in the audit notice.

I received notice that I have been selected for an audit, but I don’t have documentation of the required continuing education. What should I do?

You must respond to the audit, even if you are unable to demonstrate completion of the required continuing education. Failure to respond to an audit will result in your audit being turned over to the Investigation section of the Division of EMS and subsequent discipline, up to and including, revocation of your certification Individuals that timely respond may be offered an opportunity to complete the missing continuing education in lieu of having their certification revoked.

I received notice that I have been selected for an audit, but I can’t find my continuing education certificates. What should I do?

If you completed your continuing education through an Ohio accredited or approved (CE) site, you should contact the training program to request a duplicate of your certificate. Training programs are required to maintain documentation of the courses offered for more than three years. Some online programs also allow you to print out a duplicate certificate.

It is important to respond to the audit by the given deadline. Submit the documentation you have along with a letter of explanation; do not ignore the audit. You must have documentation of the CE you completed to receive credit for the courses. (Note: It is important to ensure you have documentation of the required continuing education, including specialty hours, prior to submitting your application. If you cannot find your certificates to prove you have met the renewal requirements, you should request an extension to allow additional time to find the certificates or complete additional continuing education. Do not wait until it is time to renew to review your documentation or to determine how much continuing education you need.)

Will any trauma triage course be accepted for the Ohio trauma triage required for renewal at the EMT, Advanced EMT, and Paramedic levels?

The trauma triage requirement is specific to the Ohio trauma triage and transportation requirements set forth in 4765-14-02. The Division of EMS provides an online course which will fulfill this requirement. If you completed an Ohio EMT, Advanced EMT, or Paramedic refresher course, you have received the required coursework. If you completed a trauma triage course offered through an Ohio accredited or approved (CE) training program and the certificate issued does not specifically state it covered the Ohio trauma triage requirements, you should contact the program director of the school to seek clarification.

I am certified/licensed in another healthcare profession (e.g., registered nurse). Can any of the continuing education (CE) I completed for that certificate/license be counted toward my EMS provider CE requirements?

Portions of an initial certification/licensing course or continuing education (CE) course approved by a medical or nursing board of this state or another state may be accepted as CE as long as the coursework is patient care or EMS operations related. The sponsoring entity must issue written documentation of the continuing education which provides sufficient information regarding the dates of training and hours of instruction completed to confirm the hours and topics of CE claimed toward renewal of your EMS provider certificate. Additional information on the criteria for acceptable continuing education (CE) can be found in OAC 4765-19.

Can I use my ACLS, PALS, BLS, CPR cards as continuing education?

Yes, these courses will be accepted as continuing education as long as the courses were provided by an approved source (see OAC 4765-19-01). In addition to a copy of your card, you may need to provide a copy of the course schedule or other documentation to support the number of hours of continuing education you are claiming toward your renewal requirements..

I am an instructor. Can I use the hours I teach as continuing education for renewal of my certificate to practice?

Continuing education taught through an Ohio accredited or approved (CE) institution may be used to meet continuing education requirements for a certificate to practice as long as the course received prior approval of the institution’s program director. A presentation can only be counted once during a 12-month period and only those hours actually taught, or attended, may be counted as continuing education (no hours may be awarded for preparation time).

I hold an Ohio firefighter certification but live out-of-state and am not affiliated with an Ohio fire department. Can continuing education completed in another state be accepted for renewal of my Ohio firefighter certificate?

An applicant who DOES NOT RESIDE IN OHIO and is not affiliated with an Ohio fire department may complete continuing education through:

  1. Training approved by the applicant’s fire chief (if affiliated with a fire department in another state or military)
  2. Training from a fire training institution approved by the licensing agency in another state; and/or
  3. Training received by any other entity approved by the executive director, including but not limited to:
    • National Fire Academy;
    • Fire Department Instructors Conference;
    • Fire-Rescue International;
    • National Domestic Preparedness Consortium

Certificate holders should contact the Fire Education Section to confirm applicability of CE.

Can I complete online continuing education to meet the renewal requirements for my fire certificate?

Continuing education may be completed online. The training shall be related to the fire service and shall be delivered by an Ohio chartered fire training program or approved by the applicant’s fire chief.

How long do I need to keep documentation of my continuing education?

Documentation of continuing education completed to meet renewal requirements for an EMS or fire service certification must be maintained for the current and prior certification cycles. The certificate holder is responsible for maintaining continuing education documentation.

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