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EMS Instructor Certification Audits

The second page of the audit form includes “Instructions for Responding to an Instructor Audit.” It is important to read and follow the directions carefully.

You need to list all continuing education courses you taught AND instructional continuing education you attended during the audited certification cycle. All continuing education courses must be directly related to the objectives of the “Ohio Fire and EMS Instructor Training Program.” All instructional hours must have been provided under the auspice of an accredited or approved EMS training institution.

Only continuing education and instructional hours during the audited certification period will be accepted.

EMS instructor certificate holders may have the option to test in lieu of completing the instructional continuing education requirements. If you chose to “Test in Lieu of Continuing Education” and successfully passed the appropriate examination during the last six months of the certification period, check the box indicating passing of the examination, sign, date, and return the audit form to the Division of EMS.

Please note: The test in lieu of instructional continuing education option is not available for EMS Assistant or Continuing Education (CE) Instructors.

Please email EMS Education or call 614-466-9447 with questions regarding the audit process.

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