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EMS Incident Reporting System

The purpose of EMS Incident Reporting System (EMSIRS) is to collect information regarding the delivery of emergency medical services in Ohio and the frequency at which the services are provided. Information collected will be used as a guide to determine the impact of training and the areas that need to be focused on for training.

  • EMS incident includes any ground or air response to a call for emergency medical services by a public or private emergency medical service organization.
  • The basis for the data elements collected by EMSIRS is the national standard EMS data set created by the National EMS Information System (NEMSIS).
  • The Division will hold any patient record collected in the strictest confidence allowable by Ohio Law.

Please use the resources below to assist with using and navigating the system.


EMSIRS Agency Access & Identity Manager Guide - All users will access the EMSIRS with an Ohio Department of Public Safety Identity Manager account. You will be required to register for an account, validate your identity, and request and receive access to at least one agency in order to use EMSIRS

EMSIRS User Guide - File uploads, web entry, web service submissions, submission review, and references and technical support.

EMSIRS Vendor List - If you use a software package to collect and report data to Ohio EMSIRS, your vendor will need to be compliant with NEMSIS 3.4 data standards.

EMSIRS Data Dictionary

EMSIRS Data Dictionary - This document is intended for the software developer community.

EMSIRS-3 Picklist Cheat Sheets

You may have noticed some of the EMSIRS-3 pick lists have become extremely large. That’s because several EMSIRS-3 data elements rely on national and international standards to provide the data element’s allowed values. For example, the element “eMedications.03” (medications given to the patient) relies on the RxNorm standard to provide code values for medications used in the pre-hospital setting. RxNorm is a standardized naming system for ALL drugs and drug delivery devices. A shortcoming to this approach is that national standards, such as RxNorm and ICD-10, contain literally thousands of codes that don’t apply to the pre-hospital setting.

In an effort to help ease the work of users of those national standards, the National EMS Information System’s Technical Assistance Center (NEMSIS TAC) has prepared “suggested lists” of values appropriate for use in the pre-hospital setting for each national standard as a reference to find the right code for your patient.

You are not limited to using the codes on these lists; they are simply a tool we are providing for entering EMSIRS data. The lists are not inclusive and may not have a medication or procedure your agency uses, but all of the codes are in EMSIRS already. These lists may be used to help you narrow your choices before entering data into EMSIRS.

Suggested Lists (click to download)