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Trauma Acute Care Registry

The Ohio Trauma Acute Care Registry (TACR) supports trauma system evaluation, performance improvement, public health planning, injury prevention, and outcomes research.

The TACR can receive patient data in two ways:

  • The first is by manually entering the trauma incident/patient into the registry using a secure web portal. The Division uses the ESO GEN6 product for manual reporting. This submission type is recommended for lower volume facilities and requires no additional software on the part of the submitter.
  • The second way to submit data to the TACR is by way of file upload. Facilities will have their software vendor build a State of Ohio compliant file export from their trauma patient information system. The exported file is then uploaded to the TACR using a different portal than the one used for direct manual entry.
File Upload Site   Manual Entry Site


User Guides

User Guide for File Uploads

User Guide for Manual Submissions

Trauma Acute Care Dictionaries

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