EMS Grant Program

Grant Applications & Forms

The grant application period is closed. The application process for the next grant cycle will begin on February 1 and remain open for application submissions until April 1 at 5:00 p.m.

Priority 1 Training & Equipment Grant

Priority 1 applicants shall apply online. Instructions to create an account may be found in our user guide. For assistance logging on to the grants application website, please email our help desk, or call 614-752-6487.


Priority One Grant Extension Request for Training   Word
Financial Hardship Application EMS 0003 PDF Word
Training and Equipment Approved Reimbursement List EMS 0076 PDF Word

Priority 2-5 Research Grants

Research Grant Application Priority 2-5 EMS 2083 PDF Word
Research Grant Budget Policy Priority 2-5 Policy PDF

Sample Only Forms

Sample Training and Equipment Grant Application Priority 1 EMS 1803 PDF
Sample Research Grant Application Priority 2-5 EMS 2083 PDF

Please email the Grants Section if you have any questions about grant application forms.

Have Questions?

Email the Grants Section, or call (614) 466-9447 or (800) 233-0785.

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