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There are numerous ways to obtain funding or grants for your agency/department. Grants are usually for a specific project or purpose and have strict eligibility guidelines. In many cases the grant priorities will change over time, making most funding sources only temporary. Grants should always be viewed as an extra or a gift, and never used as a primary funding source. Searching for external funding sources can be a time-consuming and frustrating activity. No one ever gets everything for which they apply. Do not get discouraged by rejection. Each rejection is an opportunity to learn why your application was rejected and help you learn how to write a better grant proposal.

Ohio is one of the few states that offers funding on an annual basis specifically for EMS agencies. The additional resources listed below may provide ideas on where to look for additional funding sources as well as help with the grant writing process. Since priorities for funding are constantly changing, it is advised that you visit the funding agencies’ websites for the most recent grant information.

Ohio Emergency Management Agency

Ohio EMA offers homeland security funding and preparedness grants.

Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation

BWC uses the Firefighter Exposure to Environmental Elements Grant (FEEEG) program to partner with Ohio employers to minimize exposure to dangerous environmental elements. The program is available to eligible Ohio firefighter employers who wish to purchase the following qualified/allowed items for optimal protection against these exposures:

  • Diesel exhaust systems
  • Extractors/washing machines for turn-out gear
  • Hoods with barrier protection
  • Washable gloves


Grants.gov is the federal government’s main source for all federal funding information and applying for all federal grants.

Ohio Department of Commerce/Division of State Fire Marshal

The Division of State Fire Marshal offers grant funding to Ohio fire services for firefighter training, equipment and data reporting, as well as offering a loan program to small governments. The training offered though the Division of State Fire Marshal is for fire operations only and does not include EMS.

Ohio Division of Forestry’s Rural Community Fire Protection Grant

This grant is for communities with a population under 10,000, and may be used for the formation of new fire departments, MARCS radios, federal surplus firefighting apparatus and personal protective gear.

U.S. Fire Administration/FEMA

This site contains information on financial assistance available from the U.S. Fire Administration/FEMA for fire departments and other first responders, including the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program and the State Fire Training Systems Grant.

U.S. Rural Development Program

Provides grants and low interest loans for fire, rescue and police operations to communties with a population of less than 20,000.

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