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The Ohio Division of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is the “administrative arm” of the State Board of Emergency Medical, Fire and Transportation Services. The Division of EMS is responsible for:

  • Certification of Ohio's emergency medical service and fire service providers and instructors;
  • Accreditation and chartering of EMS and fire training institutions and approval of EMS continuing education sites;
  • Collection and analysis of EMS incident data;
  • Regulation of medical transportation services.

The Division also serves as the “lead agency” for the state’s trauma system.

EMS Administration

Rob Wagoner, Executive Director

Aaron Jennings, Deputy Director

Email: dems@dps.ohio.gov

State Medical Director

The medical director advises the board with regard to adult and pediatric trauma and emergency medical services issues.

Carol Cunningham M.D.

Email: cacunningham@dps.ohio.gov

Regional Physician Advisory Board

Ellen Owens, Coordinator

Email: rpab@dps.ohio.gov


EMS and fire certifications, public records 

Ellen Owens, Section Chief

Email: ems-firecertifications@dps.ohio.gov

Education & Testing

EMS and fire training programs (EMS accreditations, EMS continuing education sites, and chartered fire training programs), fire testing, and certification audits

Dan Swords, Section Chief

EMS & Fire Education email: EMSEducation@dps.ohio.gov

Fire Testing email: emsfireducation@dps.ohio.gov

Medical Transportation

Inspection, certification and licensure of non-emergency, emergency and air medical transportation organizations

David Fiffick, Section Chief

Email: MedicalTransportation@dps.ohio.gov

Trauma System

All issues related to trauma centers and the statewide trauma system

Email: emstrauma@dps.ohio.gov

Research & Analysis

EMS and trauma research and data analysis

Eric Mays, Section Chief

Email: emsdata@dps.ohio.gov

Investigation & Discipline

Investigations, hearings, and compliance

Joel Demory, Section Chief

Email: emsinvestigations@dps.ohio.gov


EMS grants

Johanna Burgess, Grants Administrator

Email: EMSGrants@dps.ohio.gov