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Ambulance Rules Revision

The Division of EMS and the Medical Transportation Committee are tasked every five years with review and if needed amending the ambulance rules, Ohio Administrative Code (OAC), Section 4766-2. The State Board of Emergency Medical, Fire and Transportation Services reviewed and passed the rule revisions at their October 20, 2021, meeting. The effective date has not been determined at this time.

New BLS Non-Emergency Only Level of Service

The biggest update is the creation of the BLS non-emergency only (BLS-NEO) level of service. Private EMS agencies can be licensed at this level and licensed ambulance and MoICU providers can operate ambulances at this level. The requirements for operating an ambulance at the BLS non-emergency only level are located in the following rules: OAC 4766-2-2, 4766-2-08, 4766-2-11 and 4766-2-13.

  • Types of transports that can be done in the BLS-NEO ambulance
  • Medical direction requirements
  • BLS-NEO Inspection form. Less equipment and supplies
  • Additional lettering on ambulance. “Non-emergency Transports Only”
  • BLS-NEO ambulances are prohibited from using lights and sirens.
  • BLS-NEO ambulances can be staffed with at least one certified EMT, Advanced EMT or Paramedic and a trained driver.
  • Requirements for a BLS-NEO non-certified driver.

Read the full version of OAC 4766-2.

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