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EMS Medical Director Requirements

Each emergency medical service (EMS) organization is required by law to give notice, in writing, of the name of its medical director to the State Board of Emergency Medical, Fire, and Transportation Services. The qualifications for a physician to serve as the medical director of an EMS organization are established by the Board in rules. The medical director must:

  1. Be a physician that holds a current, valid license authorizing the practice of medicine and surgery or osteopathic medicine and surgery in Ohio;
  2. Be actively involved in the practice of emergency medicine;
  3. Actively participate with the EMS organization in the conduct of performance improvement programs, educational programs, and protocol establishment and/or updates; 
  4. Demonstrate high ethical standards and no conflicts of interest;
  5. Participate in peer review and quality improvement programs for the EMS organization utilizing aggregate data drawn from the EMS incident reporting system (EMSIRS) and Ohio Trauma Registry (OTR) available from the Division of EMS;
  6. Be board or subspecialty board certified, or board eligible in accordance with Administrative Code 4765-3-05 (A)(6).

Each EMS organization is encouraged to review the minimum requirements with its current medical director, and with any physician being considered to serve as medical director.  If the physician does not meet all of the minimum qualifications outlined above, the EMS organization is encouraged to seek another medical director.

If a physician meets all of the minimum qualifications except for number 6 above, the physician should contact the Division of EMS to discuss possible options to obtain a waiver from the Board.

The History of the Path to Becoming a Medical Director of an Ohio EMS Agency

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