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EMS and Fire Training Program Directors:

In conjunction with the rollout of Hazard Recognition Officer (HRO) and Fire Safety Inspector (FSI) certification examinations effective April 24, 2018, enhancements to the computer-based test delivery platform were implemented that affect all certification examinations delivered through the Ohio Department of Public Safety Course and Examination Administration System operated by the Division of EMS (FSI, HRO, VFF, FFI, FFII, EMS Instructor, and Fire Instructor). The system enhancements are designed to reduce stress on students by simplifying the test-taking process, allowing students to concentrate on correctly answering questions, and to collect data to be used by the Division of EMS, chartered fire training programs, and accredited EMS institutions to improve the learning experience.

Click HERE to review examination directions and screenshots. It is recommended that you review this file and that you make it available to test proctors for review as well. You may also wish to consider reviewing the screen images with your students prior to allowing them to test.

Click HERE to access the Division of EMS Course and Administration System Examination Overview.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact the Division of EMS at 1-800-233-0785 or 1-614-466-9447.

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