Trauma System

Trauma Committee

The Trauma Committee was created in law to advise and assist the State Board of Emergency Medical, Fire, and Transportation Services (EMFTS) in all matters regarding trauma care and the Ohio Trauma System. Its membership, spelled out in Revised Code section 4765.04, is comprised of the following:

  • A trauma surgeon
  • An orthopedic surgeon
  • A neurosurgeon
  • A burn surgeon
  • An oral and maxillofacial surgeon
  • A physician specializing rehabilitative care
  • A pediatric trauma surgeon
  • An adult emergency medicine physician
  • A pediatric emergency medicine physician
  • The chief medical officer of an air medical organization
  • A coroner
  • A trauma nurse
  • An emergency medical nurse
  • A trauma registrar
  • A trauma center administrator
  • A non-trauma center administrator
  • An operator of an ambulance service
  • A fire chief
  • An EMT or paramedic
  • A trauma victim advocate
  • A physician or nurse with administrative responsibility for trauma care
  • Three representatives from hospitals that are not trauma centers

Meeting Minutes & Agendas

Please email the Trauma System Section to inquire about agendas or minutes not shown here.

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